Burlington - Corsham, Wiltshire

The former emergency relocations site for the British government in the event of nuclear attack, the site has been abandoned since the 1980s since which time it has been kept as a decoy site until it's declassification at the end of 2004. Burlington has had many code names since it's conception in the early 50s, these include Stockwell, Subterfuge, Turnstile and more recently Site 3.

  • History

    Find out more about the history of the UK's biggest underground bunker complex.

  • Maps

    Explore the emergency government war headquarters with out interactive maps.

  • Photos

    See the photos of the bunker they hid from the public for over four decades.

  • Videos

    Travel around the miles of underground corridors in these never before seen videos.

  • Your Stories
    Have you visited Site 3? Did you used to work underground at Corsham? Tell us about it.

  • Further Reading
    Find out where you can get more information about the secrets beneath Corsham.
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