About Us

This website is a mini-site, run by the team that put together the website Nettleden.com.

Burlington is located on Ministry of Defense property, public visits are not permitted.  This website is not affiliated in anyway with the Ministry of Defense, Defense Estates, JSU Corsham or the Burlington bunker its self.

Burlington is property of the Ministry of Defense, the makers of this website have no right to access and no right to grant access.

As well as providing details historical information on urban exploration venues, Nettleden.com also offers map locations, grid references, photos and videos. It gives users the tools to comment on pages, photos and videos, write and publish trip reports, organise events and discuss urban exploration venues and issues in closed user groups.

Nettleden.com was set up in 2002 by Steve Higgins, after he became interest in secret underground places.  The Burlington bunker mini-site was put together in 2009 to provide a single point of access for those who are interested in the UK's biggest government bunker.


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